Ready for a whole new kind of lesson experience?

Now enjoy all of the great benefits of your current lesson plus these amazing new features:

  • NEW    60 Minute Lesson Time
  • NEW    Extended Technique, Ear and Rhythm Training. The foundation of all musical training!
  • NEW    Music Theory, Musical Terms and History Training.

Technique, rhythm, ear training and theory, which are critical aspects of learning and playing music easily, are often only touched on or bypassed completely due to time constraints. A 30 minute lesson, while oftentraditional for beginners to early intermediate, just does not allow for the time needed to focus on each one of these important areas, let alone master them! 

That is all about to change!

Introducing the revolutionary new program at The Joy of Music School!

Each student receives one on one instruction as they move between 3 learning centers during their 60 minute lesson while one or two fellow students do the same.

  • 20 Minutes    Performance Station with Miss Marah
  • 20 Minutes    Technique, Ear Training and Rhythm Center with Assistant Teacher
  • 20 Minutes    Music Theory, Musical Terms and History Center - Supervised by Miss Marah and Assistant Teacher

Students will work on all the fundamental skills required to make playing the piano (or any musical instrument!) so much easier and more fun then ever before! Plus, the fun group atmosphere will enhance students feeling of comradery, as well as perhaps a healthy dose of friendly competition!

This type of early learning will make any future exams a complete breeze as student’s technique, ear training, sight reading and theory will already be well above average level!

~ Please note: this is not a group lesson. ~

Enrollment is now open for these comprehensive new lessons for the 2017-2018 term.

Students Meeting the Following Qualifications May Apply:

  • Currently has a 30 minute lesson time
  • Plays at a grade 3 or lower level
  • Is not taking a Royal Conservatory Exam
  • Be approved for suitability by teacher

Are you ready to empower your child to a whole new level of piano fun and success? Giving them all the fundamental skill right from the beginning that traditional lessons only touch on or skip completely for many years.

Join our exciting new program this fall and watch your child surprise you and themselves with their amazing new skills!