Current students may re-register for Fall lessons and reserve a lesson slot with a non-refundable $30 registration fee and completed registration form. Re-registration of current students is due by September 1, 2017. Your registration fee secures your slot and helps to fund recitals and other studio events.
When you register for lessons you are making a commitment for the entire school year and you are agreeing to the following Studio Policies:
Tuition is based on enrollment for 36 weeks of weekly lessons from September to June. The annual tuition fee for 2017/2018 is as follows:
  • 30 minute private*     $1,080 ($30 per lesson) *30 minute lessons are currently being phased out.
  • 60 minute integrated  $1,440 ($40 per lesson) ~NEW~ see integrated program page for details and eligibility
  • 45 minute private       $1,440 ($40 per lesson)
  • 60 minute private       $1,980 ($55 per lesson)
You may choose to pay by cash, cheque or etransfer in 2, 5 or 10 equal installments. Cash and etransfers are due on or before the 1st of the month. Post-dated cheques should be dated for the 1st of the month and made payable to “Marah Pantzer”. All postdated cheques are due by Thursday August 31, 2017. To avoid late fees, etransfers may be pre-scheduled under the bill payment option in your online banking (contact your bank for instructions). Due dates are as follows:
2 Equal Installments:      
  • September 1, 2017
  • February 1, 2018
5 Equal Installments:
  • September 1, 2017
  • November 1, 2017
  • January 1, 2018
  • March 1, 2018
  • May 1, 2018
10 Equal Installments
  • Payment due each month on the 1st from September 2017 - June 2018.
Service Charges
  • Overdue accounts will be charged a $10.00 administration fee per month. NSF cheques will be                                     charged a $20.00 service fee. If a student’s fee becomes more than 30 days overdue lessons                                         may be discontinued and the student’s lesson time may be given to a child on the waiting list.
Tuition payments are non refundable except in the even the teacher fails to teach 36 lessons between September 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Any lessons not provided due to the teacher canceling, which makes the total lessons taught fall below 36 in total in the above noted time period, will be refunded or a make up lesson provided.
If you cancel a lesson and a reschedule or swap time that works for you is not available, the lesson is forfeited. However your tuition is always working for you and the lesson time is only one part of what you are paying for. For more information please review the “Where Does My Tuition Go” page on my website or posted at the studio for more details of what your annual tuition pays for. It is so, so much more than just the weekly lesson time! Also, please refer to the lesson cancellation policy below.
Lesson Cancellations
I endeavor to maintain consistent instruction with your children to keep progress and motivation on track. However, this year my studio at full capacity so if a lesson is canceled, rescheduling is not always possible. These are my policies regarding lesson cancellations:
My Commitment: I commit to be available and prepared to teach 36 weeks this year with 1 unscheduled flex week (refer to studio calendar for details). Any lesson I need to cancel will be either reschedule or a refund provided.
Rescheduling: I have a rescheduling page on my website. Any time I have a cancellation I will post it on my website. Please check the lesson schedule page to see current available slots. If there is a slot that works for you please email me the lesson you will be missing and the slot you would like to reschedule too. Rescheduling needs to take place within 10 days of the missed lesson (before or after) or the lesson is forfeited.
Lesson Swap: You may also swap lessons with another family provided to let me know in advance. A list with lesson times and phone numbers with be provided to all parents who agree to be a part of the swap program (opt in or out on your registration form). Once you have found an agreeable swap, please inform me by email of the switch. This is important as I prepare materials for each students lesson specifically. Lesson Swap is a second option to be used only if a suitable reschedule time is not available.
Written Notice for Cancellations or Rescheduling: Written notice by email or text is required if a lesson is going to be canceled or rescheduled. The more advance notice you give, the more you are helping other families find rescheduling solutions. As a guide: vacations should receive 3-4 weeks notice; sports, appointments and special events 1-2 weeks; illness 1-3 days. Missed lessons without at least 24 hours advanced written notice are not eligible for rescheduling.
Storm Days: If school is canceled for a storm day, please use your own judgment and email if you feel you need to cancel. Also, check the website for rescheduling options.
Holidays: The studio closes for Christmas and March Break. In general, lessons will take place as usual on other holidays. Please check the lesson calendar and make advanced rescheduling arrangements if you will be unable to attend your lesson due to a holiday.
Illness: Please do not send children to piano lessons if contagious with a flu or virus. I very rarely take a sick day and I appreciate your consideration in helping me run a healthy studio.
Please rest assured that even if you miss a lesson and are not able to find a reschedule or swap time that works, your tuition is always working for your child. When you are not able to attend your lesson I use that regularly scheduled time to do lesson planning for your child. This includes things like finding new music for them that they have requested in their level, finding exercises or pieces relating to a concept they need additional work on, planning lesson activities and so on.
Withdrawing From Lessons
When you register for lessons, please be prepared to make the commitment from September through June. Due to the nature of the service I provided as a private music instructor it can be difficult to fill your reserved lesson time mid-year. If there is a problem at any time, please let me know so I can help make any changes needed. 
In the event something does occur and you nee to withdraw from lessons (moving, serious illness etc.), 4 weeks notice is required or a cancellation fee that is equivalent to 4 lessons will be charged.
Piano & Metronome
All students need to have an instrument at home that they can complete daily practice on. For intermediate to advanced students I recommend a tuned acoustic piano, however a digital piano with 88 “touch sensitive” keys and foot pedals is acceptable for most beginners.
All students also need a working metronome or a metronome app by the piano.
Home Practice
Home practice is an important and necessary part of musical instruction. Students should prepare for lessons by practicing all parts of their weekly assignment which I have given them in their last lesson. Parents can help remind their children to practice at least 5 days each week. Consistency is the most important element to success! You can also help by making sure your children fill in their practice log each week or complete their cazenda practices (if they are using cadenza with me).
Most students can achieve excellent results as follows:
  • (Age 6-8) 15-20 minutes daily
  • (Age 9-12) 30 minutes daily
  • (Age 13+) 45 minutes daily (and upward depending on level)
Books and Materials Fee
Starting this year each student will pay a materials and book fee for the year which will cover all books and other materials required throughout the year.
The fee per student per year is $70 and additional fees will not be charged during the year regardless if you exceed the $70 for books/materials that year. This will include a 1 inch 3 ring binder with 5 tabs and other inserts in it, all required music books, photocopied and printed music and workbooks (which often have fees attached in addition to printing costs) and any other supplies as required during the year.
This will save you having to remember to bring me money for new books during the year as well as enable me to boost the musical content I can provide to your child through more printed resources.
At the Studio
Students should arrive on time with their books each week. Students are welcome to come in without ringing the bell, but please be careful when coming and going not to let Tiger outside. Please remind your children to clip their nails and wash hands before lesson time.
Parents are not permitted to sit in on lessons and may either drop their child off or wait upstairs in the waiting area. Parents please always watch to see that children are safely inside the door before driving away as I will be conducting lessons with other students and am not monitoring the door.
Parking: If you are parking and waiting while your child has their lesson please ensure you park in visitor parking as your vehicle may be towed if you park in someones stall.
I sometimes take photographs or video of students during lessons and performances for use in the studio, advertising materials, lesson demonstration and studio owned website. Students are identified by first name only.
When you register for lessons you will have the opportunity to select your permission preferences.
Student Pledge
  • “I will bring my piano binder and all my books to every lesson.”
  • “I will do my very best to practice my assignments each week.
  • “I will complete my practice log or cadenza practice every week because I know that I will be successful if I practice regularly!”
  • “I will participate in studio events and support other students with positive comments.”
  • “I will have fun!”
I greatly value the chance to work with your child each and every week. It is my top priority that your child has a positive experience during their lesson. If something has occurred that day or that week that which may be affecting your child please do let me know!
A simply text saying “Jimmy didn’t get the part in the play”, or “Mary’s best friend was hospitalized on Monday” for example will really help me be sensitive to the needs of your child. If in doubt, err on the side of letting me know as I will always be appreciative of the extra info and take it into account during the lesson.
Staying in Touch
Please keep in mind that running a home-based business comes with necessary boundaries. In order to keep things simple and smooth for both of us please note the following:
Email: This is my preferred method of communication. If I receive studio-related emails late at night or on weekends I will get back to you during business hours. I use email to send out studio information from time to time, please make sure that I have a current email address.
Phone: The best time to reach me is between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm on weekdays. I do not take phone calls while I am teaching, after hours or on weekends. If you are calling outside of business hours please leave a message and I will get back to you the next business day.
Texts: Feel free to communicate by text. If you text outside of business hours I will get back to you the next business day.