Summer Day Camps

Come join us this summer and discover just how fun music can be!

  • All activities and games are set up for social distancing requirements and follow strict Alberta Health Services guidelines 
  • Staggered pickup and drop offs with separate entrance and exit
  • Jam packed with tons of games
  • Group ensemble activities
  • Music theory and worksheets
  • Note reading
  • Aural skills 
  • Music symbols and terms
  • Solfege
  • Active listening and music history
  • Conducting patterns
  • Rhythm

In these camps we will cover a whole range of musical topics. From note reading to musical terms and symbols to group ensemble pieces and everything in between. With plenty of fun educational games and a large variety of activities. 

Activities include worksheets, crafts, group learning and discussion, active listening, conducting, rhythm drills and basically every other musical thing you can think of. Designed to strengthen all the basic skills needed by musicians of any instrument in a fun and engaging environment. 

Camp Dates:

Beginner up to Grade 1 RCM (or 1 to 4 years of lessons)

  • June 29 to July 3 - $329
  • July 27 to July 31 - $329

Grade 2 RCM to Grade 5 RCM (or 5 years of lessons and up)

  • July 13 to July 17 - $329
  • August 10 to August 14 - $329


  • Minimum 1 year of lessons on any instrument (including voice)
  • Minimum age 7 years

Other Information

  •  Location: Strathearn Studio Location
  • Students bring their own packed lunch, snacks and water bottle
  • Students who have a temperature, sore throat or other cold or flu like symptoms will not be able to participate until symptoms clear. No refunds will be given for to absences due to illness.  

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