Does your preschooler love music? Do they love to sing and dance? Have you wondered if they are old enough for music lessons?

If so, then I have the music class that is perfect for you!

These lessons are fun and engaging and focus on the way children learn best: through PLAY! They will learn the fundamental building blocks of music and the piano. There is no home practice required. We learn and do lots of review in class. These lessons are a wonderful way to prepare preschool age children for formal piano lessons where the focus is more on playing the piano and home practice is required. You can think of this as a music appreciation class that teaches all the basics they will need to learn any instrument and includes the basics of the piano keyboard.

Activities include:

  • songs and singing
  • games
  • body movement and actions
  • rhythm
  • improvisation
  • composition
  • note types and names
  • music symbols
  • the music staff
  • coloring
  • recognition of achievements and concepts learnt
  • a supportive and safe environment to explore and learn about music which encourages self expression
  • and much more!

Lessons are 45 min. once a week and are scheduled on weekday afternoons.

Each term is 10 weeks and the cost is $349. 

There are 3 terms available:

  • September 15 to November 27
  • January 12 to March 19
  • April 6 to June 11

Alternatively, you may sign up for the entire year (Sept. to June) and pay a flat monthly fee of $130. You will receive 37 lessons with this option.  

For more information on the curriculum used, you can visit the KiddyKeys website at:

Contact me today for more information or to get signed up!